2019 Schedule

2019 Schedule

Showing – Main Ring. To commence promptly at 9:30am.

Class Name
Best Condition – In Hand
British Breeds – In Hand
Coloured – In Hand
Veteran Pony/Horse – In Hand
Show Pony/Horse – In Hand
Cob Driving Type – In Hand
Youngstock – In Hand
Part Bred – In Hand
Mini – under 48″ In Hand
Child Handler 12-16 In Hand
Mature Handler – In Hand
In Hand Championship
Novice Rider
Novice Pony/Horse
Open Ridden
British Breeds – Ridden
Coloured – Ridden
Show Pony/Horse – Ridden
Part Bred – Ridden
Veteran Pony/Horse – Ridden
Cob Driving Type – Ridden
Most Stylish/Concourse – Ridden
Ridden Equitation
Ridden Championships

Showing – Under 12’s Ring. To start at 9:30am

Class Name
Best Turnout & Presentation
Young Handler – Under 8 years
Young Handler – 8-12 years
Veteran Pony
Show Pony
Lead Rein Best Rider
First Rider
Family Pony
Under 12’s Championships

Showing – Fun Classes. These classes will be in the Under 12’s ring after the Championship.

Class Name
Cleanest Pony/Handler
Best Mane and Tail
Handsome Gelding
Prettiest Mare
Brightest Eyes
Best Smile
Judge’s Choice
Fancy turnout/Concourse
Thelwell Lookalike
Best 6 Legs
Easter Bonnet Parade (7th April only)

Dressage – To commence promptly at 9:30am

Class Name
Lead Rein Introductory test
Junior Introductory test
Senior Introductory test
Junior Preliminary test
Senior Preliminary test

Jumping – Mini Ring

Class Name
30cm Lead Rein
30cm Assisted
40cm Lead Rein

Jumping – Main Ring

Class Name
40cm Assisted
45cm Assisted
45cm Unassisted
40cm – under 12 years
45cm – under 16 years
50cm – under 16 years
50cm – over 16 years
60cm – under 16 years
60cm – over 16 years
70cm – Pony
70cm – Horse
80cm – Pony
85cm – Pony
85cm – Horse
90cm – Open
100cm – Open
Chase me Charlie (time permitting)

Handy Pony. To start at 12:30pm

Class Name
Lead Rein
In Hand

Gymkhana – Jumping Mini Ring to commence at 2pm.

Class Name
Tiny Tots (NB Walk/Trot only)
Lead Rein
A Group
B Group
C Group
Junior Open
Senior Open