Tests and Judgest for 2020 are to be confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost? 

The entry fee is £7 per class. You will also need to be a member of the club which is £12.50 for those under 16 on 1st January 2019 and £15 for those over 16. We also have family membership options. Please enquire at the entries desk.

What do I need to wear?
White or cream breeches. Jacket (black, navy, tweed), gloves.

What is being judged?
The judge will be looking for evidence of the scales of training, precision, acceptance of your aids.

What are the scales of training?

Find out more.. 

What tack is acceptable?
Team CKRC run to British Dressage rules so saddle, numnah/saddle cloth. Bridle. Snaffle bit. No boots or bandages. No Martingale.

Where can I find the dressage tests? 

Tests are available from British Dressage or from Dressage Diagrams. Lead Rein tests will be available soon. 

How to maximise points

  • Use the whole arena – don’t ride the rectangle as an oval
  • Ride to the marker. Your knee and shoulder should be at the marker before the next move
  • Caller (if used) should be calling two movements ahead
  • Know the shapes/movements that are required:
    • 20m circle
    • 3 loop serpentine
    • 10m circle
    • Give and retake – this needs to be clear to the judge
  • Square halts get higher points
  • Salute
    • Reins and whip into one hand
    • Clear movements

Remember to smile! It’s fun.

Dressage is an assessment of your progress against the scales of training. Whilst you are competing against others, they have their own issues to work through. Remember even Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester still train with each other regularly. There are few horses like Valegro!

Show points:
Points will be awarded to each competitor. To be eligible for an end of season award you need to compete at least 4 times in the season.

Points awarded are:

1st place – 4

2nd Place – 3

3rd Place – 2

4th Place – 1

Great Midlands Horse Show




Sunshine Tour


Senior Showing and Dressage


Prelim tests only

Equine Sports UK


This show is affiliated to Equine Sports UK (ESUK) Grassroots Championships taking place at Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire on 1st -4th August 2019.

The three highest placed exhibits will qualify in each class.

Dressage tests for 2020 will be:

Intro A

Intro B

Intro C (2019)

Prelim 7

Prelim 18



Lead Rein 1

Lead Rein 2

Lead Rein 3

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