The judge is looking at your horse and/or you. Some classes will be judged on the handler/rider alone, others on the horse/pony alone.

Classes are conducted in hand or ridden.

You and your horse should be well turned out to show your horse/pony to the best of your ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry fees are £4.00 per class

What does the ridden equitation class cover?

This class is looking for you to build a show for the judge incorporating specific movements. The movements are:

Walk on the long side of the ring and halt on a corner
Trot across the diagonal
3 loop serpentine in trot
20m circle in trot

3 loop serpentine in trot
Trot away from the judge
Walk on the long side of the ring, halt in the middle and direct transition to trot
20m circle in canter
Change of rein in trot

Snaffle bits only for juniors, no spurs for any competitor and only a show cane not a whip will be permitted.

What is the judge looking for in the equitation classes?
The judge is looking for acceptance of aids, a good rhythm, use of the ring and a good partnership between equine and rider.

Show points:

Points will be awarded to each competitor. To be eligible for an end of season award you need to compete at least 4 times in the season.

Points awarded are:
1st place – 4
2nd Place – 3
3rd Place – 2
4th Place – 1

Great Midlands Horse Show

Sunshine Tour
Senior Showing and Dressage

Equine Sports UK

This show is affiliated to Equine Sports UK (ESUK) Grassroots Championships taking place at Arena UK, Grantham, Lincolnshire on 1st -4th August 2019. The three highest placed exhibits will qualify in each class.

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